"A Cut Way Above it All"

Outside of growing your own food, there’s not a better feeling than preparing your own food. If you are like me, you probably love to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and creating culinary masterpieces (or at least trying to).

But the everyday dangers in your kitchen may be greater than you think.

From the toxic chemicals present in non-stick surface pans, to the leaching of dangerous heavy metals into your food from a variety of types of metal cookware and metal knives – the dangers are real.

A good knife set is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have in your kitchen. But should you sacrifice safety for convenience? Of course not.

There is a smart and practical choice...

The answer is Ceramic Knives.

Why Ceramic Knives?

Ceramic Knives 5-pc Set

I know you’re probably thinking, “Ceramic Knives?”

But once you hear about the benefits these knives offer, you’ll be as excited about them as I am.

Ceramic knives have many advantages over traditional steel cutlery.

My Ceramic Knives are:

Strong, but Light-Weight

  • Not only are they incredibly light, ceramic knives are very, very strong. In fact, ceramic is the second hardest material, right after diamonds. The blade is injected into the plastic handle. This ensures the blade will never fall off the handle and in turn makes for a stronger and more durable knife.

Stain and Rust Proof

  • Ceramic Knives are impervious to the food acids, which can discolor steel products. They’re also non-corrosive and will never rust.

Anti-Bacterial and Easy to Clean

  • Non-stick ceramic surface makes for easy clean-up and less bacteria to breed

Plus, Ceramic Knives will hold their edge and keep their sharpness more than 10 times longer than traditional stainless steel. Unlike common knives, our ceramic knives are grounded and polished flat, not the common vertical way.

In my 10-piece Ceramic Knife set, you get:

  • 7” Chef Knife
  • 6” Bread Knife
  • 5” Utility Knife
  • 4” Vegetable Knife
  • 3” Paring Knife
  • Plus, custom sheaths for each knife!

The custom sheaths make for easy storage of the knives for wherever you like as opposed to having to keep them in a big, bulky storage block.

My Ceramic Knives won’t taint your food with a metallic taste and they’re perfectly balanced and easy to use.

The Perfect Knives for Your Organic, Grass-Fed Steaks

A knife set wouldn’t be complete without matching steak knives, right?

The same high quality as my Ceramic Knives, you’ll be proud to set your table with my Ceramic Steak Knives. Attractive and sleek looking, these lightweight yet durable knives will complement any place setting. They’re equally suitable for everyday use and for special occasions.

These ceramic knives will give you years of dependable service without going dull like other traditional steak knives. Their precision-sharp edge will make dining on your favorite cut of meat all the more enjoyable!

Become a Healthy Chef in Your Own Kitchen

Think of all the fun you’ll have as you prepare healthy whole food meals for yourself and your family… knowing you’re doing everything you can to take control of your health.

What was once a major time-consuming chore will now be a fun and satisfying activity. With the incredible capabilities of my Mercola Healthy Chef Ceramic Knife Set, you’ll start looking forward to preparing meals.

Sure, you could spend $100s or $1000s or more on a stainless steel knife set. But at $59.97, this affordable 10-piece set does not sacrifice anything when it comes to quality. It was my top priority while I was evaluating knife sets.

So, give yourself the quality tools you need to quickly and efficiently prepare healthy meals. And finish it off with a set of my Ceramic Steak Knives and dine in style. At only $43.97 for a set of four knives, it’s a luxury you can well afford!

Don’t delay any longer.ORDER NOW and unleash the healthy chef within you — and continue to take control of your health.

Mercola Special Offer

Incredible Deal!

Ceramic Knife Set
Ceramic Knife Set Special Offer


  • 7” Chef Knife
  • 6” Bread Knife
  • 5” Utility Knife
  • 4” Vegetable Knife
  • 3” Paring Knife
  • Plus, custom sheaths for each knife!
MSRP: $74.99
Your Price: $59.97
Savings: $15.02 (20%)
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Steak Knife Set
Steak Knife Set
MSRP: $54.99
Your Price: $43.97
Savings: $11.02 (20%)
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Performance Guarantee

5-Year Warranty -- Mercola Ceramic Knife Set and Mercola Ceramic Steak Knife Set
Mercola Health Resources, LLC warrants, to the original purchaser, these products against defects in materials and workmanship, for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase.

Due to their extreme hardness, ceramic knives are very brittle. As such, BLADE BREAKAGE AND CHIPPING ARE NOT COVERED under warranty. Knives returned to Mercola Health Resources, LLC, with broken tips or blades WILL NOT BE REPAIRED OR REPLACED. Defects or failures due to shipping/handling, improper use or maintenance, including abuse or neglect, normal wear, accidents, alterations or modifications, or unauthorized repair are specifically excluded from this warranty. No dealer, distributor, agent, representative, or other person is authorized to extend or expand this warranty.

If thermal shock breakage occurs, please keep the product. You may be asked to return it. Accidental breakage from impact is not covered by warranty.

If either product needs to be replaced or returned, please e-mail customerservice@mercola.com to obtain authorization and instructions on how and where to ship the product(s).


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