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Going Green: The Mercola Healthy Cookware Philosophy

Clay of the Earth
CLAY OF THE EARTH. The patented ceramic material is mixed and formed into ceramic clay.

I've always been a firm believer of going green.

Having studied and offered nutritious food, supplements, cookware, and lifestyle products for years now, I am convinced that the end goal is not only bringing people on the road to optimal health, but also doing so in an environment-friendly way.

Going green recognizes that our personal health and the Earth's well-being are interwoven, and that we cannot fulfill our own end goals without ensuring that we live in a good environment: pollution-free, with healthy ozone life, and liberated from heavy metals and many different kinds of toxins.

Natural Materials, Safe Manufacturing Processes

The Mercola Healthy Cookware uses only patented ceramic material, compared to metal cookware that needs massive fossil fuel amounts in order to be produced.

The ceramic clay – an inorganic, natural material from the earth's crust that dominates our manufacturing areas – undergoes natural molding, polishing, burning, and glaze bath methods and is fired in clean, natural gas-powered kilns.

Pressing Mold

A pressing mold and high pressure casting mold give the clay its desired cookware form.


HANDIWORK. After drying and polishing the molded clay, it is washed and smoothed with water. The clay material is completely safe to touch and can be cleaned by hand.

Inisde the kiln

INSIDE THE KILN. The cookware is fired three times in the kiln. In between each firing is a rigorous process of cooling, cleaning, ceramic glaze bath, and quality inspection.

Polished cookware

The underside of the cookware is carefully polished.

Each cookware piece also goes through different levels of quality control inspection before being carefully packed. And let's not forget one thing: recycling. This oft-neglected practice is followed religiously with our cookware. The packaging is made up of 90% cardboard and 10% Styrofoam, providing much room for recycling and reusing purposes.

But while advocating eco-friendly materials and processes, we also respond to your aesthetic needs. We make sure that the sharp, minimalist black design of the Mercola Healthy Chef goes well with your different design philosophies in the kitchen. Going green, after all, need not be a drab prospect.

The Toxic Truth about Metal Cookware

I can never stress enough these hard facts on metal cookware:

  • Chemical that may leach into your food.  Dangerous heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, aluminum, copper, nickel chromium, and iron may leach into your food, not only affecting taste and quality of food but also putting you at risk of toxins and subsequent health problems.
  • Toxins released at high temperature. While it parades the “heroic” premise of non-stick cooking, aluminum contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which proves to be dangerous at high temperature. Once heated, these non-stick pans react right away, the coating beginning to break down and the toxins being released and acquainted with the food you're planning to eat. 
  • The atmosphere is victimized! Toxic fumes are quickly released into the air, invading the air you breathe and bringing pollution and the depletion of the ozone layer to higher levels.

The Mercola Healthy Cookware Does It the Safe, Green Way

The Mercola Healthy Chef cookware stands in stark contrast to alarming metal cookware. Spelling much more safety and ecological value, it has the following characteristics:

  • Non-reactive. The Mercola Health Cookware has a ceramic cooking surface that emits no odors or gases even if cooking temperature exceeds 2500° F. No toxins or chemicals are produced while cooking.
  • No chemicals that will not leach into your food. Made from natural materials, this cookware has no heavy metals or chemicals that will leach into your food and will adversely affect food taste and your health.
  • No heavy metals! Made from ceramic clay and other natural materials, this cookware contains no lead, cadmium, aluminum, copper, nickel chromium, iron or any trace metals.
  • Potential energy saver. The ceramic materials of the Mercola Healthy Chef cookware are efficient in retaining heat, thus helping you save up on electricity costs and your own valuable family or personal time.
  • Flexible and handy. This lightweight cookware's versatility is unmatched: it can go from the stovetop to the oven to the refrigerator, and can perform from cooking to overnight storage. Why amass cookware of different brands and price ranges when you can have a single, flexible set?

A Clean and Green Workplace

Packing finished cookware
A DAY AT WORK. Our workers flash smiles while carefully packing the finished cookware products in recyclable materials.

Charity begins at home. Thus I make it a point that our manufacturers are never subjected to a grim workplace reality.

Our highly skilled artisans offer 22 days of work each to finish every piece of Mercola Healthy Chef cookware, but do so in clean surroundings. We use only safe, natural gas and clean burning kilns to fire our ceramic cookware.

I've done rigorous work to prove the many lethal harms of aluminum, copper, or stainless steel, especially in your kitchen preparations. Same goes for chemicals and toxic fumes, which are often screaming elements in various industrial processes. I'm happy to report that we do not have these in our workplace. Like in the many healthy products we introduce, we operate only with the safest and the most natural at hand.

Going Green for Life – And Beyond the Kitchen

The healthy Mercola cookware is only an example of the many products carrying the “green” potential. Environmental impact isn't a limited idea; it spills out on all segments of consumer products, may it be women's cosmetics, fitness gear and equipment, and household tools such as good, reliable cookware.

Having adopted clear, eco-friendly objectives, you can begin the green journey with the products you patronize and use every single day. From the ceramic materials to the manufacturing to the packaging of the Mercola Healthy Chef Cookware, rest assured that we'll go green together.

Ceramic Soup Set

Ceramic Soup Set

A safe and superior ceramic soup set that will cater to all your soup preparation, cooking, and storing needs.


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